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Major Facility Management & Maintenance

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Major Facility Management & Maintenance

Let’s face it. Running a warehouse is not easy. It takes a lot of effort from a lot of people to keep everything on track. Universal understands this very well.

Here at Universal we guarantee our team will make this task easier, quicker and cheaper to keep your warehouse running efficiently.

We handle every facet of your facility to keep the warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. Our roster of major clients can attest to that!

Something as small as a broken piece of racking or a broken dock door can shut down a section of your operations.

Storm damage or a wayward truck running into a dock may shut everything down.

We’ve had a lot of experience with this and know what to do and how to sort the situation in a timely manner to get you back up and running.

There is nothing we can’t find a solution to!

Universal is a one stop shop for every service you may need!


Major Facility Management & Maintenance Services

  • Racking Dock Doors

  • Rapid doors

  • Fridge Panels

  • Line Marking

  • Pressure Cleaning

  • Fencing / Cages / Storage Cages

  • Rubbish Removal

  • Bitumen Repairs

  • Concrete Repairs

  • And more!!

One glance through this catalogue and you will see we cover everything!

Link to catalogue

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