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Concrete Repairs

by May 1, 2020Construction0 comments

This is an area that has hidden costs for business. Not to mention looks unsightly. Broken sections of hard stand destroyed by forklifts and MHE wheels become a trip hazard. When rain water gets underneath them the problem grows. It’s the same for tilt slab walls. If there is a crack, water will get in and concrete cancer starts. An expensive problem you can do without. We can cut sections out and replace or we can do preventative maintenance when caught early enough. We have an epoxy and cement-based mix we have formulated for these situation. We also use it to repair expansion joint. We have a rubbersied polymer for flexible expansion joints inside your warehouse as well.


· Removal and replacement of broken concrete

· Upstand repairs

· Hardstand repairs

· Epoxy fill cracks

· Rubberised fill cracks

· Tilt slab repairs

· Subsided concrete

· Underpinning

· Concrete transitions

· Retaining walls

· Expansion joints – metal and rubberized

· Trip hazards

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