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Safety Final

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This can be the achilles heel of any facility. If you are falling behind in this department it could shut the whole operation down in a heart beat. Universal has dealt with this problem for years.

Here at Universal Construction And Maintenance, we are CM3 compliant and have held our qualification for 5+ years.

One slip and fall can cause a chain reaction with the chain of responsibility landing with your company. This can cause a full site shut down whilst investigations are carried out. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure in this department.

Our Specialties

  • We specialise in safety audits to bring your site up to code.

  • We can supply all necessary products and services to keep everything safe and sound.

  • A coat of high visible paint on stairs and hand rails, a few safety bollards or a trip hazard elimination such as tactile indicator could make all the difference.

Our Safety Services

  • CM3 certified

  • A-Safe barriers

  • Safety bollards

  • Temporary barriers

  • Permanent barriers

  • Wheel stops

  • Handrails

  • Trip hazard elimination

  • Transition solutions

  • Tactile indicators

  • Safety signage

  • Hi-vis safety paint

  • Spill kits supply and restocking

  • Anti-slip floor coatings

  • Fall safety protection netting

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