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Every warehouse needs barriers and we can supply and fit them all!

This is probably the most critical part of warehouse safety and one of the biggest headaches for OH&S.

There is a product for everything you need. We supply and fit either steel or shock absorbent plastic barriers and bollards to suit each situation. This will not only bring your warehouse up to code, it will also be visually appealing.

We can also supply protectors for your racking uprights to save your racking from costly forklift strikes, rendering them out of service. If you have old metal railings or bollards which are bent or broken, we can replace them with either steel or shock absorbent plastic systems.

We can also fabricate safety railings or bollards to your specifications for a permanent solution.

If you require a temporary solution, we can supply temporary metal, plastic or filled plastic barriers.

Anything you are unsure of or would like more information on regarding barriers for your facility please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Universal Construction And Maintenance today and we will be happy to help!

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